Mothers News Subscription Drive day 2!

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wow! our big Mothers News Subscription Drive is going great! as of this writing, we’ve reached a fifth of our goal with still 46 days to go! thanks to all the MOTHERS HELPERS, SUBSCRIBERS, and especially ASTRONAUTS out there!!!!! so far no one has gone all the way into EXECUTIVE REALNESS, but there are a few people nibbling at the concept (we didn’t anticipate this, but A Reid is trying to microfinance this mega-level- not sure how this would work but beep at this doggy if you want to go in but not get the tattoo).

in press news, we got interviewed by a nice young man from the Providence Phoenix the other day, look for that week after next. best quote:

PP: do you consider the Providence Journal and the Phoenix to be your competition?
MN: uh, no offense but the phoenix and the projo are NO competition…

also good looking out to our friends at AMIGOS publishing who gave us a nice write-up and posted a VERY inspirational video alongside!!! thanks!!!! this newspaper could be your life!


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