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big up and god bless to GREG HARVESTER who put Mothers News in his top ten 2011, again in Tobi Vail’s blog:

9. The publications Nuts!, Mother’s News, Maximum Rock N Roll, Myopic Waiste, Shotgun Seamstress and Broke Ass. All of these help me to realize that I need to stop making excuses and put out a zine in 2012.

greg is in the excellent bands NEON PISS and BLACK RAINBOW, and runs the excellent “let’s digitize our old punk tapes and talk about them” blog REMOTE OUTPOSTS.

thanks greg!!!!!!!!

ALSO to MN reader Hannah Horovitz, who found the batman TWICE (maybe 3 times?), putting them at the head of the Finders Of The Batman Club, AND put the pape in their top ten ALSO in TV’s blog!

I am always so stoked to get the new issue of mother news in the mail and find batman and feel so relieved that this is out there.


UPDATE: I just realized that Kate Schapira found the batman at least 3 times already! I mean, it’s not a competition, but those are the facts.


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